Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Common Problems Kelly Orthodontics Can Solve

Kelly Orthodontics is a family oriented practice that has been in St. Charles for 40 years! We are proud of the relationships we build with our patients and our focus on finding the orthodontic solutions that are right for your family.

We provide all types of orthodontic solutions and find it rewarding to see our patients experience their brand new smile. Here a few of the orthodontic problems we can solve at Kelly Orthodontics.

Phase I: Treatment is oftentimes necessary for younger patients to establish the proper "foundation" for future dental and facial development. By creating the necessary space and properly aligning the existing teeth, we can guide permanent teeth into their proper position. The second phase of treatment takes place after the permanent teeth have erupted. In many cases, Phase I treatment can reduce the length of time required for the second phase.

Class II: Problems represent an abnormal bite relationship in which the upper jaw and teeth are located in front of the lower jaw and teeth. Class II patients usually exhibit a convex facial profile with a recessed chin. In most cases, this relationship is due to inherent characteristics. A skeletal Class II problem occurs when the upper back molars are forward of the lower back molars…this gives the patient the appearance of a recessed lower jaw or an upper jaw that is protrusive (or both).

Excessive Gingival Display: Also known as a gummy smile, this orthodontic problem gives the appearance of excessive exposed gums on the upper arch. There are several treatment options for this problem. In severe cases surgery may be necessary to actually remove a section of the upper jaw shifting the jaw upward vertically reducing the amount of exposure of the upper gum tissue.

Open Bite: An open bite can occur with the front teeth, known as an anterior open-bite or with the back teeth, referred to as a posterior open-bite. An anterior open-bite is the lack of vertical overlap of the front teeth and can usually be traced to jaw disharmony or habits such as thumb sucking or the thrusting of the tongue against the front teeth. A posterior open-bite is a problem in which the back teeth do not meet vertically prohibiting the jaw to function properly.

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