Wednesday, January 8, 2020

3 Benefits of Straight Teeth

Whether it is for health reasons or a confident beautiful smile, there are many benefits to a straighter smile. We have been in the Saint Charles community for over 40 years and our goal at Kelly Orthodontics is that your smile is a confident, beautiful, healthy smile. Whether its through Invisalign, braces or simply wearing your retainers after orthodontic treatment, orthodontics goes beyond just a beautiful smile. It additionally helps your jaw and helps your bite. Here are three health benefits of having straight teeth.

1. Healthy Gums: 
Healthy gums are a foundation to a healthy smile internally. The health of your mouth and your body are all connected and your gums are an essential foundation to your overall health. When your teeth are spaced out or crowded, it is possible for them to become inflamed, which can be a sign of periodontal disease. Straight teeth aligns with your gums to fit well around your teeth.

2. Tooth Wear:
We use our teeth everyday and it is normal for our enamel to wear out as we grow older. However, crowded teeth can cause your teeth to pop out in abnormal places, which run against teeth. Over time this can lead to your chewing and bite become abnormal and cause unnessarry wear to your tooth enamel.

3. Make Teeth Easier to Clean:
A great benefit of straight teeth is the easiness of cleaning your teeth, which means a healthier smile. A crowded set of teeth are difficult to floss, which can lead to plaque, toothdecay and periodontal disease.

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