Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Spring Smiles at Kelly Orthodontics

Kelly Orthodontics is a true family oriented practice that has been in St. Charles for 40 years. We are proud to serve our community and all the wonderful families. Orthodontists specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of improper bites and facial irregularity, ultimately giving you, your desired smile to smile confidently.

Check out some of our amazing smile transformations this month.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Kelly Orthodontics: Your Enamel

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Did you know there is a mineral substance in our bodies that are stronger than our bones? Your enamel is the hard, outer surface layer of your teeth. Its sole purpose is to protect against tooth decay. Through time and other contributing factors such as the foods we eat, decaying or discoloration occurs and results in the erosion of the enamel over time.

Preventing enamel decay can be as easy as cutting out or limiting high-acidic foods from your regular diet. High-acidic foods include items such as blueberries, sugar, honey, vinegar, soy sauce, cranberries, and more.  Another thing you can do is remove high sugar drinks from your diet in addition to acidic foods is also a good idea.

The easiest way to avoid decay is to steer clear of high-acidity foods. This may not always be possible, but eliminating sugary fruit juices and soda from your diet is a good start.

Brushing your teeth after each meal and flossing frequently also preserves your enamel. Another good idea is to rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash after eating to wash away high-acidity particles.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

#KellyOrtho Smiles - February

A smile is what makes you uniquely you. It is the first thing people notice about you and displays who you are. Here are few of our smiles this month. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see all the amazing transformations

Friday, February 1, 2019

Braces Friendly Foods

It’s that time of year again...The Superbowl. Superbowl Sunday is all about the thrill of the game, rooting for your favorite team and enjoying all those delicious snacks at Superbowl parties.

However, if you just received braces, Superbowl parties may be a little tough to enjoy, especially when it comes to food. Here is your official guide to food items you should avoid if you have braces and food items that are soft enough for your teeth.

First thing’s first, which foods are off limits? Stay off and avoid these types of foods.

  • Hard nuts, candies, hard fruits (like apples and pears)
  • Hard vegetables (like carrots and corn on the cob)
  • Chips
  • Taco shells
  • Pizza crust
  • Pretzels
  • Sticky stuff like taffy, gum and caramels
  • Foods high in acidity that could cause discoloration like lemons, limes and sodas.

Superbowl Friendly Foods: 

  • Burger Sliders
  • Mashed Potatoes 
  • Guacamole
  • Meatballs 
  • Smooth potato salad
  • Cole slaw
  • Soft Tacos
  • Ice cream
  • Cupcakes
  • Creampies
  • Soft pastries
  • Soups
  • Pasta

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How to Apply Dental Wax

dental wax

When it comes to braces, your first few days may be uncomfortable. It may even feel as if your braces are sticking out. Your gums may be sore and tender, but that does not have to stop you from living your life.

An important item to use for relief is dental wax. Dental wax is “a soft, harmless gum protector for children and adults with braces that can be used in a pinch to cover brackets and protruding wires with a smooth surface,” according to Colgate. Dental wax can provide relief when a wire breaks and pokes out. Just add some dental wax on your gums and can help prevent pain while your wait for your next appointment.

Dental wax is completely safe.

Step 1: Be sure you have dental wax, you can ask us for recommendations on which we feel is best.
Step 2: Wash your hands.
Step 3: Brush your teeth, where you want to apply the dental wax
Step 4: Pinch off a piece of wax about the size of a small pea
Step 5: Squeeze until it softens and roll it into a ball, then flatten the ball slightly
Step 6: Gently push the wax onto the problem area of the braces

If you want to remove the dental wax, you can use floss. Be gentle, not to damage your teeth or gums. If you have any questions over dental wax, or any other orthodontic questions, please feel free to call us at (630) 584-9666

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

3 Healthy Habits to Start in 2019

healthy habits

Happy New Year! It is another fantastic start to a new year and we are so excited for all the smiles that will be transformed at Kelly Orthodontics. With the new year it is exciting to adopt new healthy habits and keep your smile in check. Here are 3 of our favorite habits we are encouraging our patients to adopt in 2019.

#1) Switch Toothbrush: Switching your toothbrush is a big step, most people disregard. Replacing your toothbrush can have a valuable impact. The Academy of Dental Association, recommends switching out your toothbrush every 3-4 months for health reasons and because the bristles can become too stiff, which can be too hard for your teeth and enamel. This simple step will keep your mouth and teeth feeling healthy.

#2) Pledge to Floss: Your smile is what makes you, YOU! This year, pledge to floss more. It’s never too late to begin flossing. Flossing not only helps you get rid of food debris, it also helps your overall healthy by removing plaque buildup and fighting against cavities.

#3) Drink More Water: 
Drinking water has it obvious benefits for our overall health, but did you know drinking water has great benefits for our smile?

Drinking water prevents staining from our teeth, cavities and fights bad breath. It prevents from bacteria from growing when your mouth is dry. It is also a great source of fluoride, which is great for your pearly whites.

Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 in Smiles

We have seen many fantastic smiles from braces to invisalign, these are just a few of the great smiles we have seen.

Spring Smiles at Kelly Orthodontics

Kelly Orthodontics is a true family oriented practice that has been in St. Charles for 40 years. We are proud to serve our community and al...