Thursday, February 24, 2022

Selfies 101

Selfies have been popular for years now…but do you know how to take the perfect one? At first it may have seemed a little ridiculous, all these people taking photos of themselves and posting them online. But did you know that taking selfies is a fantastic way to show off your personality and confidence…not to mention your Kelly Orthodontics smile?

Taking a selfie is an art form. A great selfie is more than just a quick camera click, it actually takes a level of skill to capture and edit the perfect picture. After some practice (using our tried-and-true techniques below) we know you will be a selfie master in no time at all.

5 Tips for the Perfect Selfie

  1. Have Expression. You can never go wrong with smiling…but don’t fake it. Think about something that really does make you smile. Pull out a wonderful memory, relive it, and we promise that you’re going to have a beautiful facial expression in your selfie. Play around with different smiles and expressions and have fun! No matter what, a smile is the best expression you can wear.  
  2. Capture Your Best Angle. We all have a particular side or angle that we feel looks much better in selfies. If you haven’t yet found yours, try moving the phone around your face and snapping a ton of photos. Instead of taking pictures head-on, turn your head a little to the right or left, or hold your camera a little higher…try different angles to show off your best features. Then pick the photos that you like most and remember the way you placed the phone and the way you turned your face. 
  3. Focus on Lighting. Lighting is everything. They say that taking selfies using natural light is great. But the truth is that sometimes the rays can be too harsh on the face, so avoid snapping a shot during midday. You can always find a light source inside, just make sure that it’s not located behind you and that there are no shadows on your face. 
  4. Show Off Something New. If you decide to take a selfie to show off something new, like…oh we don’t know, maybe your braces, make sure that you frame the photo in a way that highlights the new accessory that has you so excited. 
  5. Don't Use a Mirror. Just stretch your arm out, point the camera toward your face and click. You can use your front facing camera to make it easier!

Ok, now you’re ready! Upload those selfies to all of your feeds…Instagram, Facebook, anywhere and everywhere. Are you a patient of Kelly Orthodontics? Then tag us in your selfies, we would love to see your smiling faces!



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