Monday, June 21, 2021

The Perfect Age For Braces

When we think of braces, most of us think of teenagers. But nowadays, people of all ages are getting braces. So…what is the perfect age to start braces treatment?

Dr. Kelly can successfully correct most orthodontic problems regardless of the patient’s age. But that doesn’t mean that the orthodontic treatment starting age does not matter. In fact, the starting age may play a significant role in the total time and expenses required for the completion of the orthodontic treatment.

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment begins when a child has lost most of his or her baby teeth, and a majority of the permanent teeth have grown in. That said, it is a good idea to get an orthodontic evaluation by the time a child is 7 years old. You may think that 7 years old is too early to put your child in braces, however, this interceptive approach can help Dr. Kelly spot potential orthodontic problems related to jaw growth and eruption of adult teeth before they get out of hand.

Most orthodontic problems are ideally treated during a child’s teenage years. Usually, all or most permanent teeth are present and patients are at one of their most active phases of growth. This is a great time to correct most problems, as the jaws are actively growing and their growth can be most easily modified during this time.

Although childhood is a good time to make changes to the mouth and jaw, more and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment for missing or crooked teeth, TMJ, and more. As an adult, you might think that your options for having your teeth fixed are limited, but today's orthodontic treatment options offer a variety of braces and appliances that are comfortable, aesthetic, and customized to meet your needs.

There really is no perfect age at which you should first visit the orthodontist. The best choice for you will largely depend on the severity of your orthodontic problem. A visit to Kelly Orthodontics should happen when you feel it is needed. Often, your family dentist will be the one to recommend the visit.

If you are considering braces for yourself or your child, give Kelly Orthodontics a call and schedule your initial consultation. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will take the time to address your concerns, answer your questions, and guide you through the treatment process.

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